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The time draws near and I have a target date but now it's dependent on getting some things from outside sources. Today I sent the manuscript to my volunteer E Readers for an 11th hour read of the edited and compiled copy.

I still have to purchase a bulk lot of ISBNs and get set up to print bar codes, every book needs them. Then to finish the extra front and back pages of this novel and start getting the marketing set up with FB ads and online book groups. There is a LOT to do in getting a book out there if you want it to be successful.

That's one reason why I'm going a step further than publishing on Amazon as an Indie Writer. With all of the investments in training, research, time, and process steps I've gone through, I've decided to form my own publishing company. I'll be applying to the state of FL (where I'm still a legal resident) for an LLC online tomorrow. My chosen name for the company is available, I checked today, and as soon as I'm sure it's mine, I'll do a Woo Hoo post! My daughter will be handling physical things on the FL side as my registered agent.

If you've considered writing any kind of fiction or memoir book for any age group but the idea of what to do and how to get it done is overwhelming, I can assist. For now, these genres are what I'm going to stick with because that's what I know.

Thanks for hanging in here with me. Timelines have to be flexible. That image you have of a writer pecking away at a keyboard and then POOF a book appears, yeah, that's fiction too. LOL!

Enjoy the rest of your January. You'll hear from me soon.


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