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IT IS LIVE ON AMAZON - NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Last night In The Absence of Light went live on Amazon!!!

The ebook is offered at 99 cents as promised so right now is the time to go to Amazon and order it.

Once you own an ebook copy, you can post your review on Amazon by scrolling down the page where you bought it to the section where it says "review this product". The more reviews it receives before I go viral with advertising, the better. Amazon only counts reviewers from buyers for their rankings.

Here's the timeline. The price will be 99 cents until midnight of 2/22/22 when it will change to the regular price of $7.99 for the ebook.

I will start hitting the internet with ads on 2/20 to give the public 3 days to purchase at the promo price. When you get the email or see my FB and Instagram posts announcing the promo to the public, feel free to tell everyone you know and tell them to tell everyone they know. And remind them all - Leave a Review!!!

The above is a link to the ebook page to make it easy for you to find. If you can't pass this link to your friends, just tell them to go to Amazon and in the search space type

"c l ferrari ebook" and it will come right up.

And now I thank you!!! You all have been the best besties I could ask for. Your patience, encouragement, and determined follow through just give me goosebumps and make me teary eyed. No writer can be successful without support from readers and I'm blessed to have you all on my team.

Have a wonderful day!!!! And spread the Light!!!

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