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Out of isolation! No symptoms, no sickness, no problems, but maintaining distance and mask protocols.

All of my FL relatives who tested positive are fine. Only 3 felt any illness and it was very mild and short lived.

Went to the Chapala Monday Market today. It was a beautiful morning, barely needed a sweater. Dan got to enjoy his favorite taco booth, nothing like REAL Mexican tacos cooked outside, and I got my sweet rice milk horchata. Wow, have I missed that! I loved being out and walking but the uphill stuff was a bit tough since I'm so not used to that again.

We came home with new chicks and ducklings, 4 of each, and some local honey. It was a short jaunt. Maybe we'll go earlier next week and spend a bit more time. I love the veggies, the flowers, the colors, and the fresh air.

After getting the new fuzzy babies settled with food and water, it was my job to section and package the rabbit meat for sale and get it in the freezer. Dan did the processing yesterday and the meat has to sit in ice water overnight before freezing. We use a shrink wrapper to make sure the meat will stay good for many weeks for the buyers to keep in their freezers. Me, as soon as I get one for home use I'm looking up new recipes. That wonderful meat isn't going to wait at my house!

Still working on the last items of the to-do list for putting my book on Amazon. I decided to start my own LLC publishing biz to handle my own books and eventually provide the service for others as well. There is a ton of work involved in publishing and I've invested countless hours and a fair amount of bucks learning the process. I'm now at a standstill until I get the LLC approved and then can order the ISBNs which are the numbers and barcodes you see on the books in a library or at a bookstore, and then get a new URL for my website. All more unrealized expenses of the Indie Writer unless you allow Amazon to do it but then all of your work will forever carry their name as your publisher. I don't want that going forward.

Everyone is well at Rancho Loco. Three new bunny litters over the past few days and the hens and ducks are stepping up their egg laying numbers with the nicer weather and ever so slightly longer days. We'll be shopping for goats later this week. I'll have photos of critters for the next blog post.

All is well and I'm so glad to be home and back into my crazy little farm life.

Another reminder, I'm presently sharing the blog posts on FB but that will soon end. If you enjoy my musings and want to continue hearing from me via email about my life with art and writing updates, make sure I have your email address. The emails come from CLF-Words, so watch for them!


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