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Should Deadlines be Renamed?


How about we call them Target Dates. Sounds less intimidating.

And sadly, my target date of 2/02/22 just isn't going to happen. It looks like the state of FL won't get to my LLC application for at least another week so I'm moving the target date for In The Absence of Light to 2/22/22, catchy, right?

There are more things to be done even after I get the LLC approved. I need to order those ISBNs I told you about using my new LLC info and even though they are sent via internet, I'm not sure about the time needed to process my request.

Here's some good news. The Beta readers getting an early look at my book are sending back wonderful reviews!! I'm super excited to hear that they are getting the message loud and clear. It's a goosebumply thing to know my book might make a difference in people's thinking. It's what I hoped for really, since the two books I read some decades ago that inspired me also changed my thinking.

So, keep your fingers crossed and send prayers and good vibes that the target date won't have to be further delayed. In the meantime, I'm typing away at the prequel about the main character.

Thanks for following!

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