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Many of you have known me for some time, some personally, some from social media where you've perhaps followed my personal page, my writing, or my art. But, if you're a new friend and reader, I'm so happy to have you join me in this budding phase of my life.

I moved to Lake Chapala, Mexico, almost four years ago. It's hard to believe it's been that long. This is a very temperate area where we live an open air lifestyle, no A/C and heat is rarely needed but to ward off a morning chill during our short period of winter. In fact, even at 5000 feet elevation, most of the tropical plants I had in Florida thrive here.

My blog will be where I now share my musings about daily happenings (instead of on FB), about me and the wacky things going on at our Rancho Loco, as well as updates about my writing and art. Finishing and launching my new Christian Fiction Suspense novel is pretty much consuming my days. The numbers of things to do to get it out there for you are far more than I anticipated. Writing a book is the easy part, even though this one took me nine years! The editing, cover designs, bar codes, ISBNs, blurbs, descriptions, all a part of launching and marketing, is enough to make your head spin.

This novel will initially come out only as an ebook. 2022 will be a busy year with plans to release it as a paperback and hardcover (Yay! Book signings!), and possibly an audio as well. The prequel, about the main character's life before you meet him in this book, is also planned for mid to late year and is half written to date. I'm biting off a big chunk in hopes that you like the first book enough to want more.

In addition to all of that, we have only a few holiday weeks left till we do a drive trip to Florida to retrieve my son's personal items which he left when he moved here. All the rest of my family is there and my mom is now 92 so I'm really excited about the visit and seeing everyone again, not so much the days of driving though, since Covid has prevented my travel for over two years.

The Rancho? Not to worry, our good friend Bill will be in charge of the 4 dogs, 5 cats, 8 ducks, 12 chickens, and over 80 rabbits. I thank his lovely wife, Carrie, for loaning him to us for the two weeks of our absence. It will make me crazy though, being away from my hoard of critters. Kind of like when my kids were young and I had a babysitter. AND when we get back we'll be adding goats to the list of residents here. Got the new fence up and Dan is building the first shelter now.

Well, I'll keep it short as this first post is intended to be a welcome and intro. I want to encourage you to invite your friends to join the blog group, and to read the book when it comes out in January. In The Absence of Light is a big piece of my heart and soul. You might want to read my bio to get an idea of how it came to be.

Blessings!! And Feliz Navidad!


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