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Need Your Reviews!

Good Morning Launch Team!

In The Absence of Light hit Amazon yesterday and will be on promo prices till Feb 22. That's just 99 cents for a 411 page novel, what a deal!!!

The thing is - I NEED your reviews asap! I want to put the ebook on some book group advertising sites but they won't take my request until I have a minimum of 5 reviews. Some request up to 15!

So PLEASE! If you haven't gone to Amazon to buy the ebook for 99 cents yet, do it now. And if you already read the manuscript as a part of my Beta readers, get the ebook and post your review today too. Amazon only counts reviews in ratings if the person posting has purchased the book.

If you weren't a Beta reader for me, please get the ebook and read it asap. When the price goes up, it will be $7.99. I need your honest reviews too. Just a sentence or two will do.

You say you're not into religion so reading a Christian fiction book doesn't interest you? Do you like suspense? Do you like science? Do you like sci fi or fantasy or a good story about interpersonal relationships? This ebook has it all. Even government corruption!

Thank you for putting this at the top of your to-do list today. You all are the best!!!


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